Compassionate guidance as you build your doula practice

If you're looking for extra support as you begin your birth or postpartum doula practice, look no further! 

Are you:

  • feeling overwhelmed as you start your doula journey?

  • looking for ways to serve your clients more meaningfully?

  • wishing for real-life guidance from people who've been there before?

We're here to help!

New doula mentoring hot air balloons

Hi there!

We are 3 experienced doulas (Amanda, Marlee, and Megan) who have a collective 15 years of doulahood between us. We've been through the stages of this work from tentative but passionate "newlas" to establishing fulfilling, active doula practices.

We understand the challenges and triumphs of being a doula firsthand, and we're constantly learning and growing too! We also have a unique perspective on the ways doulas can make a difference in the lives of their clients. Our doula practice focuses on helping our clients find wisdom within themselves, rather than viewing us as experts who will tell them what's best.

We love helping new doulas learn practical skills (including doula business practices) as well as ways of building on their own unique strengths to build a practice that serves them and their clients amazingly!

We are passionate about helping to reduce new doula burnout by offering opportunities for connection, community, and mentorship. 

Work with us:

Do you live in (or near) Orange County, CA?
Join us for monthly workshops!

Our next in-person workshop will take place in Santa Ana on Sunday, September 9, 2018. This month's case study topic will be Doula Scope of Practice. It's one thing to read a certifying organization's scope of practice, and quite another thing to put it into perspective in reality. We'll go through several examples of real-life client situations where a doula's scope of practice has been challenged or difficult to identify. As much as we wish this was always black and white, it just isn't. Explore the grey areas with us.