Our Mentoring Philosophy

If you are: 

  • starting your own practice and finding you have questions your training didn't cover;

  • looking for assistance setting up the practical side of your doula business; or

  • in search of real-world guidance from experienced, compassionate doulas who love helping other birth workers find their footing in this challenging but rewarding field...

you've come to the right place!

Mentoring program for new doulas labyrinth

We are active, practicing birth workers in Orange County and Long Beach, California. Between us, we have 15 years of doulahood  and have done training and/or certification programs with 20+ organizations. We've worked with families of all shapes and sizes in a myriad of different situations. We volunteer with the Doulas Association of Southern California (DASC), hosting doula circles to foster community in Orange County. Creating spaces for doulas to come together and connect with each other over the joys and challenges of this work is very important to us.

We have been practicing together since 2016, and we consider ourselves lucky to work with people we love and respect so much, both professionally and as humans.

Amanda, Megan, and Marlee at a workshop in 2017

Amanda, Megan, and Marlee at a workshop in 2017

Our doula practice is rooted in the principles of true non-judgment, compassion for self and others, and a dedication to personal growth.

We love helping our clients find the resources they need (both within themselves and in our community) and supporting them as they make the choices that are right for them, without a personal agenda of our own. 

In our practice, we specialize in guiding parents through birth as a rite of passage - not just a series of medical events. Our focus includes helping parents cope when their internal "map" of what labor or new parenthood should look like gets thrown out the window. This applies directly to doulas too! There are so many situations we face in this work where our next step isn't exactly clear.

As doula mentors, our goals are to encourage self-exploration to help new doulas build their practice courageously and authentically. All three of us have benefited greatly from connection with experienced doulas along our paths, and are passionate about paying it forward!


Meet Your Mentors

Doula in training mentorship Amanda Cagle

Amanda Cagle
Birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, yoga teacher, placenta specialist, car seat tech, belly binding specialist, student midwife

Amanda has a wealth of knowledge about many facets of birth work (as you can see from her extensive list of specialties). She offers a unique perspective to new doulas as they shape their practice and decide which services they want to offer to growing families. She has a special talent for encouraging self awareness and personal growth in new birth workers.

Help for new doulas Marlee Malone-Franklin

Marlee Malone-Franklin
Birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, car seat tech

Marlee is passionate about offering thoughtful guidance to new doulas, especially as they work with clients facing especially complicated situations in birth or the postpartum time. Her gentle but straightforward nature in communicating with new doulas (and her clients) is always realistic and detailed, while being nurturing, encouraging, and supportive.

Doula mentoring Megan Malone-Franklin

Megan Malone-Franklin
Birth doula, childbirth educator

Megan loves helping new doulas find their footing and create a sustainable business for themselves, whatever that looks like for them. She is a business resource for doulas who are getting started, from help with websites to client paperwork and beyond. Megan loves to help doulas become confident in their skills, learning to avoid tying self-worth to client journeys.