Private Mentoring Sessions

Short-term coaching for long-term success

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Our full attention focused on your growth.

We offer individual mentoring sessions with either Amanda, Marlee, or Megan for doulas who want some one-on-one guidance. This offering is open to those who consider themselves new doulas, as well as doulas who have been in the birth and postpartum world for a while but feel a bit stuck on something.

Whether you're looking for help as you're getting your doula practice off the ground, or want to talk with another experienced birth professional about a challenging situation you're facing, we're here to support you.

If you're local to the Orange County/Long Beach area, we're happy to meet in person! Otherwise, sessions take place on Zoom and scheduling is flexible.


  • $45 for 30 minutes

  • $65 for 1 hour

  • $185 for 3 1-hour sessions

*Reduced fees are available for those in need. 

What we can do together:

  • work through internal roadblocks that are stopping you from taking your next step, whether large or small

  • create a personalized plan for moving forward with your doula business in whatever stage you find yourself

  • talk about a birth you attended where you weren't sure what to do, or feel that you could have done something differently

  • customize your client visits based on your personal goals for your relationships with clients

  • make a plan for transitioning from a day job to full-time doula work

  • set your fees and make a plan for increasing profitability over time

  • talk about setting up your postpartum doula practice

  • enrich your understanding of hands-on practical doula skills you have questions about

  • debrief after a difficult or confusing client experience

  • discuss healthy boundaries when working with clients prenatally, in labor, or postpartum

  • decide whether training or certification is right for you, and choose a training organization

  • decide if it's a good time to add extra services to your doula business, and which service(s) might be most beneficial for you and your clients (placenta preparation, childbirth education, etc.). This can be especially helpful for new-ish doulas who are constantly tempted by extra training opportunities.

  • create a networking plan to build relationships in your community

  • take the intimidating step of starting your website together - sometimes just getting started is the toughest part! (We're familiar with Wix and Squarespace.)

  • review your website in-depth to help it serve you and your clients better

  • address any other topic around this work where you'd like some guidance from a compassionate, experienced doula

If you're ready to dedicate some time to your development as a doula, book a 1:1 session today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my session be with Amanda, Marlee, or Megan?
    It depends. Based on your needs and schedule, we'll match you with the doula on our team who we feel would be the best fit for you and who can accommodate your schedule. We'll let you know who you'll be working with before your session.

  • Can I do a session about a birth I attended that I want to talk about with a more experienced doula?
    Absolutely! Case studies like this are some of our favorite sessions with doulas, because it's often easier to work from a real-life situation than something made up as an example. We're happy to explore what happened, what your role was as the doula, and some tips, tricks, or suggestions for things to try if something like this comes up again.

    Sometimes these kinds of things can be difficult to talk about with doulas in your community because of fear that you might be judged for making a mistake, being inexperienced, or just missing something.

    If you don't have a trusted doula mentor in your community to process a birth like this with, let us know and we'd love to work with you.

  • How much can really get done in 30 minutes or an hour?
    You'd be surprised!

    Amanda, Marlee, and Megan have training in the solution focused brief coaching model. This framework provides ample opportunities for a shift in thinking to occur within a short amount of time. As the title of one of our favorite books on the subject states, this is truly "brief coaching for lasting solutions."

    We start sessions by asking you what your goals are in our time together. The conversation is always based around what you want and need (your agenda, not ours). By staying focused on what you want to work on, process through, brainstorm about, etc... these sessions can be little powerhouses of motivation!

    When we have a goal in mind and stay focused during our time together, even just 30 or 60 minutes can be quite productive!

  • I'm struggling with a difficult or traumatic birth experience. Is that ok to work on in a private session?
    Yes, of course. We think it's so incredibly important for doulas to be able to process challenging births so they can find healing and validation and continue serving their clients the best they can. 

    Whether you want to process a birth of your own or of one of your clients, take a look at our Birth Processing for Doulas page and let us know if you want to schedule a session. 

  • How is private mentoring different from meeting with experienced doulas in my area and asking their advice?
    The way we structure our private doula mentoring calls is specific to YOU. Your goals, your ideas, and your challenges are our focus. When you're networking or just meeting up casually with another doula, the conversation is usually a two-way street. 

    The difference between advice and mentoring is huge. As mentors, we will never tell you what to do or what's best. Our primary goal is guiding you in figuring out what will be the most helpful course of action based on our wealth of experience with this work. We can't tell you what will work for you - only you can! But sometimes it takes some skillful digging to figure it out.

    We definitely recommend seeking out experienced doulas in your local community to meet, chat with, and ask questions. We learned a great deal by doing that when we were starting out (and made some friends along the way).

    But sometimes it takes more than a coffee date to help you solve a problem you're facing or make a plan for the next step in your doula practice, and that's where we come in.